49. Naumburg Cathedral and Cathedral Garden

Naumburg Cathedral is one of the most outstanding sacred cultural monuments of the European Middle Ages. It is world-famous for its statue of its patron Uta, created by the nameless "Naumburg Master". The restored and redesigned cathedral garden combines old ponds, bastions from the old medieval immunity wall, and various other gardens. Visitors can see the plants that inspired the sculptor in the design of the capitals, friezes, and keystones in the cathedral.

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The Naumburg Cathedral and its Master

Naumburg Cathedral’s fame rests largely on the work of the "Naumburg Master", an unidentified architect and stone sculptor of the 13th century, who was responsible for the planning and execution of the west choir. It is especially his portrayal of Uta, one of the women who donated the funds to build the cathedral, that has captivated visitors’ hearts for centuries. The oldest stone sculpture of Saint Elizabeth, the windows by Neo Rauch with scenes from the life of Saint Elizabeth, and the altarpiece by Lukas Cranach in the west choir. There are other precious art treasures in the cathedral and its treasury.

To the southwest of the cathedral lies the cathedral garden, which was restored and expanded in 2011. The nearly one-hectare garden combines old ponds, bastions from the medieval immunity wall and the gardens of the former canons' houses. The modern design of the "Garden of the Naumburg Master" allows visitors to see those plants that the famous sculptor depicted in a remarkably lifelike manner inside the cathedral.

In the northern part of the garden stands builder’s hut (KinderDomBauhütte) for the kids where they are introduced to all that went on in medieval builders’ workshops.

Naumburg (Saale) and its surroundings

Other cities and towns around Naumburg are worth visiting include Merseburg, Bad Dürrenberg, Weißenfels, Nebra (with the Nebra visitors’ centre), Laucha, Freyburg, and Bad Kösen.

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